REVIEW: My Perversion (2016)

Director Adrian Baez (Entrails and Amour) is one of the kings of arty-looking, underground flicks. Of the several shorts that I’ve seen from his MollyWalsh productions, I am always intrigued, from a filmmaker standpoint, in the look of his films. With My Perversion ramps up the gore, but still maintains a very specific, very talented look and feel.

Following through several weeks of a man who is killing because the very-literal voices in his head told him to, we are treated to his stalking and stabbing of some beautiful girls, and at least one unlucky man. At a run time of less than 15 minutes, this short packs plenty of brutality into its minimal running time, even while maintaining a story that feels fully fleshed out.

Andy Truong plays the killer, and comes across devilish and dirty, his perversion is the blood he’s spilling, and there’s plenty of it. Considering it seems that Truong’s real-life day job is modeling, his look still lends plenty of credence to the role here. Even when his face is covered by a thick, red winter mask, you still have the piercing eyes. Yes, he may actually be a murderer.

The girls don’t get much to do at first, unless you count getting killed and naked as doing something, but we’re still treated to a wonderful “bang” of an ending at the hands of one of the tormented females. Alas, she can’t save everyone. Sorry, hooded Adrian.

I love that in all of his films, Baez is able to tell a story in just a short time that others couldn’t tell in 90 minutes. He clearly knows how to use limited resources and budget wisely, and to date, every film I’ve seen of his I’ve enjoyed.There is a title card at the end, talking about his next release, The Romancer, and I’m anxious to see what that will bring. As for My Perversion, I am happy to see another great outing from a talented indie filmmaker who seems to be branching out while still sticking to his own style – and the gore, it flows.

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