REVIEW: Spookie Dookie (2022)


Synopsis: Do you like BLOOD? Are you in the mood for VIOLENCE?? Ya wanna see some fucking PUMPKINS???  Well, HAPPY HALLOWEEN you pieces of shit, this is SPOOKIE DOOKIE! Enter the Cemetery and let the Gatekeeper unfold many stories of the MACABRE for your viewing pleasure. You can trust him, he lives in the old crypt and loves to tell the tales to get you into the mood for All Hallow's Eve...

REVIEW: Symbolicus: Vol I (2021)


Synopsis: A collection of shorts from underground filmmakers from around the world.

REVIEW: Feaster Sunday (2021)

Synopsis: Dr. Gideon Lear just wants to put on the greatest Passion play his little town has ever seen, but his Jesus has suddenly disappeared, the lead actress is distracted by a love triangle with the understudy and a high school sweetheart; there's a filthy hobo that won't go away, and now someone is painting ominous warnings on the door...

REVIEW: The Fear Footage 3AM (2021)

Back in 2018, filmmaker Ricky Umberger released his anthology horror film The Fear Footage, a found-footage horror film that blew away almost every other film of its type. Last year, he followed it up with The Fear Footage 2: Curse of the Tape, an extremely meta single-narrative film that took everything great and scary about the first film and amped it up ten notches. This year, Umberger is set to release the final chapter in his series, The Fear Footage 3 AM, closing out a horrific story and series of events that only got more terrifying with each installment. 

REVIEW: Amityville Vibrator (2020)

Synopsis: Cathy (Corella Waring) moves into a new home and soon comes into contact with a vibrator with ancient evil powers. Two researchers must locate this possessed item before Cathy and anyone else she encounters becomes a sex slave for Satan.

REVIEW: Chickens Blood (2019)

Synopsis: A professional wrestler and his friends get lost on their way to a wrestling event, and end up in corrupt, racist, deep-south town, run by a violent drug dealer and his crew. Soon everyone finds themselves being stalked by an evil clown named Happy, who is hell-bent on getting vengeance on the gang leader...and anyone else who gets in his way. 

REVIEW: Pet Sematary (2019)

A barely serviceable horror film that greatly misses the mark from the true meaning of the source material. 

REVIEW: Camp Death III in 2D (2018)

The tagline for Matt Frame's latest movie, Camp Death III in 2D!, is "This Movie is Stupid." Frankly, it's not a lie. The movie is a whole bunch of stupid, but that doesn't mean that it's not hilarious.

Basically a send-up of Friday The 13th: Part 3, Camp Death is essentially the Airplane of modern underground horror films.

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