REVIEW: Entrails & Amour (2015)

Entrails and Amour is a spin on a classic love-affair that has gone horribly wrong; a pair of lesbian lovers take obsession and emotion to an entirely new level in this haunting drama by director Adrian Baez.
The artistic filmmaking has a European feel; dramatic, serious, and semi-silent. We’re presented right away with Suzy (Alyssa Ritchie), a character who is both an antagonist and protagonist. After meeting up with girlfriend Ana (Karie Chupp) and breaking things off, Ana retreats to her simple apartment, with little more than a futon bed and a tiny TV on the floor. Forlorn, we’re treated to an extremely graphic and graphically impressive suicide. Love definitely hurts.
There isn’t much in the way of dialog in the film, with Baez choosing to focus more on the atmosphere than acting, although both women play depressed to the utmost perfection – watching the film, you’re left with little to think about or feel except what they’re going through. Time passes, and we see a broken, beaten look in Suzy’s eyes. More time passes. She hasn’t left the room in days. The film perfectly captures a heavy tone of lost love and presents the internal struggled faced by anyone who has been brokenhearted in the external struggle of the on-screen characters.
A far cry in both tone and graphic nature compared to Baez’s last short, Who Watched Them Die?Entrails and Amour is the most descriptive title I believe I’ve ever seen for a film. There’s plenty of love and plenty of guts in this extremely heavy, dramatic horror. As a huge fan of the films Baez has released so far through his MollyWalsh Video Productions, I’m eager to see what his next film brings to the table.

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