REVIEW: Death-Scort Service (2015)

Ever since I watched Sean Donohue’s last film, Die Die Delta Pie, I had been excited to see what he would come out with next. Whereas Die was a throwback to 80s camp and a little bit of cheese, Donohue’s latest film Death-Scort Service, which is a co-production between his company Gatorblade Films and The Sleaze Box, is a straight-to-the-point gore flick that wastes no time bringing the violence, the nudity, or the gore.
In contrast to Die Die Delta Pie, which was more story driven, Death-Scort Service is much more T&A and blood-driven, although there is a basic narrative to neatly tie things together. An unseen killer calls individual prostitutes where he makes “dates,” only to show up and kill the very naked girl, using a variety of different tools throughout the film. Whether it be a drill, a cleaver, or even a plastic bag, the gore level starts high and stays high throughout the entire movie, but even the gore can’t top the amount of graphic nudity in this film. If you’re at all familiar with any of the previous Sleaze Box films, this one feels much more like one of their own in-house productions than Donohue’s DDDP. 
As most independent movies coming from the underground have their own sort of “look” to them, so does Death-Scort. Donohue very much likes to light his scenes with red, ambient lighting, which gives the movie almost a darker, grindhouse feel to this viewer, minus the bad production values. Coupled with the graphic nudity and violence, Death-Scort perfectly fits into the new movement of brutal indie slashers, and proves exactly why the scene is buzzing about the work coming out of the state of Florida. With some very impressive gore work, including some by horror staple Marcus Koch, the kills are messy, red, and severe in a way that only true gore-hounds can appreciate.
Death-Scort Service was filmed in the Tampa, Florida, area, and features a who’s-who of underground actors that have appeared in many of the previous Sleaze Box releases, including Krystal ‘Pixie’ Adams, Bob Glazier, and Ashley Lynn Captuo, among many others. Glazier plays a rather nasty and pervy John, a role he takes on very well and makes it extra sleazy. Adams, who is no stranger to starring in Sleaze Box films, bares all once again in Death-Scort, putting another foot down on her path to underground scream-queen status.
It’s clear that Donohue and team knew exactly what kind of movie they wanted to make, so they went out and did it, and the end result is dark, brutal, and unflinching. Filled with plenty of pretty ladies and plenty of gore, Death-Scort Service lives up to the buzz and delivers a level of violence that will definitely keep people talking.
The film is being released soon on a loaded DVD, featuring several trailers for other Sleaze Box and Gatorblade releases, deleted scenes, Death-Scort trailers, a behind the scenes featurette, and more.

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