REVIEW: Confessions of a Homicidal Prostitute (2017)

They say confession is good for the soul, but what about all those souls the confessor has taken along the way? Writer and Director Emir Skolonja has released a crazy new film, Confessions of a
Homicidal Prostitute, a gore-fest with one of the most literal titles I’ve seen since Big-Ass Spider.

The film follows Lilith, the prostitute and title character, who is sitting down with a man to explain her violent lifestyle. You see, Lilith is a killer. She’s murdered her pimp, who she explains beats her and rapes her constantly. She murders Johns, because they’re married and they’re scum, and they talk about women like they’re nothing. What started out as an act of (almost) self-defense from a customer who liked it a little too rough, Lilith explains how she delved into killing. She’s remorseless and her conscience is guilt-free; after a while, the bloodlust becomes a turn-on.

I whole-heartedly enjoyed this movie. While being a bit rough around the edges in some areas such as the seemingly nervous and unscripted dialog of the actors (whom I assume are all relatively inexperienced), the movie more than makes up for in creative kills and gore. From castrations to disembowelments, Lilith spares few, and we as viewers get to enjoy some pretty extensive gore gags from this low budget film. It’s always a nice surprise when you get to see such great work done on a micro-scale, and yet still rival some of Hollywood fare.

From what I understand, Skolonja has put out other films, and he puts them out quickly, although I didn’t see anything in this that would make me think “Man, he rushed this.” The story isn’t breaking down walls with creativity, but it still plays out nicely, and we get a super ending à la Tom Hanks and Wilson in Cast Away, albeit with an amped-up level of psychosis that’s a nice wide open for a continuing story.

Overall, Confessions of a Homicidal Prostitute is a dirty little indie flick that shows how little of a push it can take to turn someone’s violent depravity into a true murderous nightmare.

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