REVIEW: Thordu (2015)

From time to time, We Love Horror Movies gets movies submitted for review that don’t fit into our “normal” reviewed genre (read: they’re not horror films…Oh my!) The great thing is, though, that oftentimes, these films are quick little bites of comedy or sleaze, and are, for the most part, nice little breaks in the depravity that often comes with underground films.
Tonight, I had the pleasure of having a great movie submitted for review. The short, Thordu, is a French-language film based around a day in the life of Thor. The title, a play on words combining the name Thor with the French term for ‘twisted’, follows a disheveled, lumpy-looking Thor as he meets a new friend named Mailhot, who claims he can teach Thor how to better get the ladies.
Plenty of laughs abound in this short flick, including Thor talking down a prostitute for the cost of some back-alley fellatio, as well as what happens when Thor uses his hammer to penetrate one of his dates without lubing up first. The humor is childish and dirty, but in a way that makes you laugh just the same. The actual payoff comes along almost too fast, as the feature ends and you’re barely done laughing, the mark of a true comedy.
Filmmaker Frank Appache shot the movie in Hochelaga, Quebec, Canada on what I can only assume is a micro-budget using mid-level DSLR cameras, but the film has an extremely polished look that feels very cinematic. Legitimately fun performances from its two main stars, Alex Forteir (Thor) and Mailhot (himself), as well as some great poker-face, dead-eyed performances from the drunken goth chick, prostitute, and anally-penetrated date, all of whom were hilarious in their own right.
Appache is currently shopping the film through the festival circuit, with tentative plans for a DVD release date down the road. Produced by Glockbuster Films and Hochellywood Productions, Thordu might not make you forget about Chris Hemsworth, but it’s filled with a whole hell of a lot more heart than most Marvel outings.

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