REVIEW: Satan's Coming For You (2015)

Satan’s Coming For You is the latest film from director Dakota Bailey (Scumbags: A Day In The Life of a Drug Dealer), and is a 20-minute view into the lives of two metalhead hicks and their day dropping acid, smoking weed, digging up graves, and – of course – hailing Satan.
Matt Marshall stars as Bubba, a man who murdered his cheating wife, but is still desperately in love with her. He enlists the help of his friend Alister (Bailey) to help dig up her corpse, and the two bag up her bones and take them home so that Bubba can dance with his love one last time.
The movie is filled with very straight-forward Satanist references, not even stopping short of naming one of the main characters Alister (as in Aleister Crowley, a famed occultist.) The visuals of the movie are excellent, especially during the scene where the pair drop acid and see images of Satan, Satanic symbols, and discover the evils inside themselves.
The movie is presented as a horror story, but it has plenty of elements of comedy as well. The scene where Bubba dances with his wife, played brilliantly by a high school science class skeleton, was hilarious – it looked like even Alister could barely keep a straight face. The extra deep, demonic voice that Bailey uses as Alister is also just classic. Sadly, even though it might be the best metal voice ever, the film shows us scenes of him playing guitar instead – an opportunity missed!
Speaking of metal, the film has a brutal soundtrack by Cattleist, whose songs appear multiple times in the film. The heavy, violent sounds add perfectly to the tone of the film, and give our two stars something to listen to while driving around in a beat-up pick-up truck.
Overall, despite some minor production flaws (there are a couple of typos in the narration cards, but it doesn’t take anything away from the film), Satan’s Coming For You is a ton of fun, and unlike a lot of independent films (and even more Hollywood films), it actually has something to say. At times hilarious, but at other times extremely brutal, Satan’s Coming For You is a well-done short film by a director to definitely keep an eye on.

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